The Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service (HNBTS) is responsible for the provision of Hungarian health care service providers with blood components. Established in 2000 along the reorganization process of individual hospital blood centres based on the principle of centralization and independence. The pharmaceutical GMP-regulatory network was introduced and implemented in 2001.The HNBTS consists of 5 regional and 18 local institutions. The headquarter has confirmation, quality control, HLA-typing and blood group reference laboratories, and management of national transplantation waiting lists.

The Organ Coordination Office (OCO) began its activities on January 1, 2007 as a new department of HNBTS. The Office centrally coordinates all Hungarian organ procurement processes, therefore establishing and operating three levels of donor-transplant coordination. The OCO represents Hungary in EU co-funded projects (DOPKI, COORENOR, MODE) as associated partner and/or work package leader.

The OCO was highly involved in the Hungarian implementation process of the 2010/53/EU directive on standards of quality and safety of human organs intended for transplantation.

Other tasks:

  • donation promotion program, for example the hospital visit program,
  • organization and performance of accredited training programmes for professionals involved in the organ donation process,
  • keeping involved hospitals, transplant centres and other health service providers informed,
  • educating the public regularly trough the mass media.