Brief history and mission of the Executive Agency for Transplantation Bulgaria

The Executive Agency for Transplantation is established on 01 January, 2004 according to the Law on Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells and accomplishes activities on management, coordination and control of the transplantation in the Republic of Bulgaria, defined by a Regulations of Organization. The Agency is a legal successor of the National Center for Management of Transplantation, established in 2000.

The mission of the Executive Agency for Transplantation is to develop and maintain an up-to-date national transplantation system, which is conformable to the best medical standards and should ensure an equal access of every Bulgarian citizen in need to it according to all legal and moral-ethical public standards. The Executive Agency for Transplantation should assure an optimal allocation of the available organs; establish and maintain a transplantation system, based on the medical criteria; create and fill in a public and official registers; define the most important factors that impact on the transplantation results; organize and maintain the ensuring of donors by creating a national system of donors’ bases; register, keep and analyze information regarding donation and transplantation as well as about the medical, legal, ethic, religious, economic and social consequences caused by them; inform the society about the processes of transplantation and ensure transparency and equal access of all the persons in need.