Tartu University Hospital has been Estonia’s leading academic medical centre for more than 200 years by now. The Tartu University Hospital Foundation performs several functions as the largest health care organisation in Estonia. The Hospital is involved in treatment, teaching and scientific research - here new treatment methods and medicines are put into application and various conferences and other scientific events are organised.

The hospital’s mission is to ensure the continuity and development of Estonian medicine through high-level integrated medical care, training and research.

With over 950 beds the hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services, including specialised services within cardiac sciences, neurosciences, surgery, internal medicine, critical care, emergency and trauma care.

In the field of organs, Tartu University Hospital is the only hospital in Estonia, where organ transplantations are performed. First kidney transplantation took place in 1968 (total number is 935); liver transplantations started in 1999 (25) and lung transplantations in 2010 (5). 53 organ transplantations were performed in 2011 – 44 kidneys, 8 livers and 3 lungs. The hospital has a brief experience in exchanging donor organs with other European countries and we are in contractual relations with Vienna University Hospital in the field of thoracic organs transplantation. Tartu University Hospital is also entitled to represent Estonia in multinational organ exchange as a national transplant organisation.

The Tartu University Hospital Foundation is a base for the University of Tartu’s activities in education, research and development. In cooperation with the University of Tartu’s Faculty of Medicine, the hospital provides graduate education and post-graduate in-service training for doctors and representatives of other medical professions, and this is also the place for medical science activities.