Manual for the financial and administrative management of the Joint Action and reporting period reports (3).

Manual establishing rules and procedures for the financial and administrative management of the Joint Action. Reports addressing financial and administrative issues will also be delivered for three reporting periods: First (M1-M12), second (M13-M24) and final.


Project web site and internal working section.

A dedicated project website including a public space for dissemination activities and a site for internal communication.


Plan and tools for dissemination and sustainability.

A strategy and communication plan will foresee the development of at least 2 newsletters targeted to the scientific community and 2 brochures for the general public and decision makers. A sustainability plan will also be released by each participant.


Evaluation system and evaluation reports.

An oriented results follow-up system will be devised at the beginning of the project, foreseeing periodical progress reports (2) and a final external evaluation report. A report prepared by an External Advisory Board is planned to be released at the end.


Report on the State of the Art of live donor registries.

Report compiling information on live donor registries currently in place, either national or international, including details on variables and definitions used and governing, operational and technical rules applied.


Recommendations for the development of a live donor registry and for setting up a European registry of live donor registries. Report on pilot study. 

Report providing recommendations for developing a live donor registry in terms of design and rules. Separate report with recommendations for international data sharing, based on the concept of a registry of live donor registries. Description of a pilot study on international data sharing.


Report on the study of the variations in end-of-life care pathways for patients with devastating brain injury in Europe.

Report describing end-of-life-practices for patients with a devastating brain injury and their impact on the potential of deceased donation and the realization of the deceased donation process in the European Union, based on a dedicated study on a sample of hospitals.


Recommendations for improvement and toolkit methodology on systemic improvements in end-of-life care pathways to promote organ donation.

Report providing recommendations to be applied to end-of-life care pathways for promoting organ donation.


Report on experiences with Twinning Projects in ACCORD (description of each twinning, including proposal and report).

Two reports will be generated. One of them will describe the individual twinning initiatives developed in ACCORD and a second one issued later on will summarize the overall experience with twinnings during the Joint Action.


Guidelines for Twinning Projects on organ donation and transplantation practices in the European Union.

Report providing recommendations for further twinning initiatives to be developed in the area of organ donation and transplantation beyond the project lifetime.