Expected outcomes


  1. Recommendations for setting up live donor registries will be provided, facilitating international data sharing, which will provide Member States without living donation with standards and expected results. Living donor registries will increase the safety of live donor programmes.
  2. The variability in end-of-life practices applied to brain injured patients and their impact on organ donation will be described, the areas for improvement identified and an ad hoc toolkit methodology designed. Training to achieve repeatable rapid improvements will be provided. The donor potential is expected to expand and the deceased donation process to be optimized.
  3. Through twinnings, the expertise or tools developed by a Member State in donation and transplantation are to be transferred to other/s requesting it, depending on the areas to be reinforced on the Member States involved. A model for further twinning actions will be built, facilitating new initiatives in the field.
  4. Consistent implementation of the Directive 2010/53/EU and the Action Plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation (2009-2015), as well as cooperation between Member States in the field will be facilitated.